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ignition problems due to bad connection between high tension cable and ignition coil/spark plug cap

If you experience ignition failure after only a short time or from start check screw mount situation of high tension (Ignition) cable at ignition coil and spark polug cap.


It can happen that the connecting woodscrew of the ignition coil or the spark plug cap does not enter the cable centrally into the copper core (green arrow), but on the side into insulation (red arrow). This happens especially if you use soft rubber boots as plug sockets.

The result: ignition failure

In this case here the woodscrew did not enter the copper core, but pushed it aside.

It seems that some of the fin wires had initial contact, but than quickly burned away, leading to failure.

Often we see such here: copper inner in screw area is completely gone.

bad HT cable, to many scre ins/outs and/or copper burnt away.
Should you find such situation, cut of 5-10mm from the cable and fit again.

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