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Technical Help



We often hear " my (2-stroke) system shows under the stroboscope light the spark always in the same position, no matter what position i place the rotor on.

It is normal that the timing marks (of systems without advance control) on rotor and base plate always align at moment of ignition. This is so by design and has to be so.

Sure, this is not the moment of ignition for the engine! For this a third component is needed - the position of the crankshaft.

Position of rotor marking, of marking on base and position of crankshaft have to be aligned for correct moment of ignition.
As the crankshaft rotates, and always has a different position, its position against the crankcase must be marked - only with this marking you create a suitable mark for strobing.

If you just flash onto rotor and base you get zero information on timing of your engine. 
How to work with the stroboscope see here