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PD Rotor have  various markings, how to read them

Rotor markings can differ between rotor of different time of manufacture, but all have the same underlying principle

rotor for systems with internal trigger (you can tell an internal trigger system by the existance of 2 small black coils on the stator and the absense of an external sensor have at least one marking

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on older rotor this line was not lasered on, but there was some (much shorter) pressed in marking. Others (mainly 128mm heavy rotor) had a small dot marking

newer rotor (those who also have on their circumference an elevated trigger sign - actually not needed for an internal trigger system)  have a second lased on marking which on top of the rotor is marked with "0"

some such rotor even have 2 additional markings, marked on top of the rotor with letters ("L" or "R")

Those markings names "0" or "L" or "R" have no relevance in internal pickup systems. They are used in external systems where those rotors are also used in order to economise stock.

Only the line not marked with a letter is valid for timing in internal pickup systems, not the "0" or "L" or "R" ones
This line is in relation to the sequence of magnets
rotor for systems with external trigger (you can tell an external trigger system by the existance of an  external sensor have always an external protrusion (some even2)

there also may be one or more lasered on lines.

if the line is not marked with "0" or "L" or "R"  than this line is of no relevance for those xternal trigger systems.

relevant are only lines marked with "0" or "L" or "R" (newer rotor, older have no such lines), one Rotor with "A" and "B"

The 0-mark may be left or right of the protrusion, depending on sense of work. If such a rotor is used in both, clockwise and anticlockwise running systems than the respective lines are marked "L" for left turning and "R" for richt (clockwise) turning

Your instructions will tell you which line to respect.
finally, all newer rotor are marked with various texts and symbols
Those writings are (from left to right)

1    - Powerdynamo Logo to show that this is not a counterfeit product
2/3 - rotor name und date of production (week/year) (never order with those data! rotor might be modified!)
4    - VAPE Logo to show that this is not a counterfeit product
5    - homologation mark showing compliance with ECE regulations

older rotor had name, date and VAPE logo pressed in

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