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You report: "I have no or only a very weak spark"

Before you start dismantling the system or experimenting with it to find the cause, please answer yourself the question, why you came to think that there is no or only a weak spark. There are 4 possible answers and they lead all to different conclusions. Click the respective case to get more information. In 99pc of cases you will overcome the problem without replacing any material.

ALSO, PLEASE READ  our list of most frequent problems

System has just been installed, but before really starting it, I wanted to check spark to make sure and to compare.

System has just been installed, bike is geared up for start, but it will not start or only with great difficulty.     

System had been running already, but at some point problems started, either it will not start anymore or it runs unevenly.

I have been working on the bike and now it will not start (even as work was perhaps  not directed to ignition),

We keep getting reports from customers on "weak sparks" as they do not see much of it. In reality the spark is very powerful, which is exactly what makes it so difficult to see. Read more on that here
For systems with twin outlet ignition coils (Twins or 2 spark plug systems), please take a note of our information on that subject.
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