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System has just been installed, but before really starting it, I wanted to check spark to make sure and to compare!
It is most likely that:
Nothing is wrong whatsover with the system. You have just been expecting something different. You perhaps wanted to check all sorts of values and performace of our systems and components before giving the installed system a chance to start normally and you found things you interpreted as faulty.
Background to this is:


Whereas the spark from a points based system with about 10.000 volts is a yellow and thick thing, sparks from high voltage electronic systems (40.000 volts) are very pointedly thin and lightblue. As a result this high voltage spark is much less visible - though much more powerful.


As the systems are magnet based (exception our 599 ignition only systems) the magnets need to revolve at a minimum speed to produce enough power. That is usually about 300 revs/min. so you will not get spark by pressing the kick lever by hand or mere turning the rotor by hand. It has to be a proper foot operated kickstart.


Our ignition coils are not just transformers, but contain electronics (CDI unit), so you can not measure its resistance. Our double coils (twin outlet) require  that for checking spark on one exit the other exit is earthed, best by having it sitting on the installed spark plug. If the other exit is open, there might be no spark at all.

For our twin outlet coils, please take note of some additional information.
All our material is pre-checked and we have less than 0.5 pc failure rate. Most problems result from either assembly mistake, misunderstandings or bad contacts (mostly to ground).
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