Powerdynamo regresa el encendido
y la luz a su moto clįsica


Wanting us to make something not yet offered?
Here are some commercial and technical aspects and questions to be answered first:
We can do a lot, but we can not square the circle and whatever we can do will carry a price tag. We try to keep prices low, but we can not work for nothing.

The price for something new (that is something not offered yet by us on a regular basis) will be based on what we charge for systems similar in material and mechanical effort. But the offer might also contain supplementary cost, depending on the situation.

Those supplementary cost may be levied when missing or fuzzy data on engine type will not permit us to share development cost and risk by selling more such systems later on.

We will further add some price when important data are missing or implausible as this will entail more effort from our side including perhaps the need to send you some test material in advance. Good would be if you can lend us for development work your stock system (to take dimensions). You get the material back unaltered. We equally might want to buy this material and make you an price offer.

Once all is fine, your new system installed and running (we talk here about such newly made ones only) you may get a retrospective 15% discount on the material price from us by sending us assembly information. For what information that should be see here.

How long will it take till you get your new system?
Though in mechanically difficult cases this may depend a little on materials available, it should normally take about 2 weeks only.

What about warranty and the right to return (distance sale)?
Your statuary rights are not effected. The matter will be treated as if you order something from our existing range. An exeption only are advance boxes programmed with curves made up by you. Those carry warranty (for behaving as described) but you do not have a right of return under the distance sales act as they are specially made on your intructions and can not be used elsewhere. (more info here)


To avoid unnessecary questions, not relative to your requirement, we offer here different forms for data input asking only questions relative to the specific make.

Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them. Clicking on the headlines will lead you to specific forms asking you for more detail.

flywheel magneto 
(external rotor)

dynamo unit


identifiable by a magnetic drum, that turns outside around the coils

identifiable by the existance of carbons

identifiable as it is a separate device mounted externally at (or on) the engine

flywheel magneto
(internal rotor)

Occasionally the ignition parts are mounted at other places (e.g. cylinder head).

There might be 2 devices - one for ignition and the other for power generation.

identifiable at a magnetic drum, that turns inside the coils

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