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Technical Help



This page is directed towards customers, who received one of our prototypes.
It shall define what informations and photographs we need to get.

Requested assembly information after receiving the prototype.

Version 22.08.2007

1. assembly information, most of all are important:
  • small alterations made to mechanical parts (please draft, rough sketch, photos, verbal descriptions etc.)
  • if used: different screws or/and nuts (dimensions)
  • Should something be made differently? 
  • your experiences with timing (ignition setting)
  • as well as whatever you noticed during the assembly and adjusting of the new system (what could have been done easier and/or better
2. assembly photos, we want to receive photos (preferably digital, but if we accept equally prints) showing the following views. For sure, any additional photos are welcome too. 
(the following photos shall serve as examples)
  • generator-side of the motorcycle, view at the mounted new system

    (visible shall be the complete engine and a part of the motorcycle.)


  • a closer view at the engine and the installed system
  • a picture of the installed new stator unit

    (expediently photographed during the assembly procedure)
  • photo of the fastened rotor
  • attachment of the ignition coil ...
  • ... and the other extern parts (e.g. regulator/rectifier or advance unit)
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