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System 74 14 599 0L

System 74 14 599 0R
no longer offered, reference only

DIY cdi ignition kit for 4 cylinder 4 stroke car distributer (no V-engines, only in-line engines)

Please specify when ordering: version 74 14 599 0L for counter-clockwise turning distributor or 74 14 599 0R for clockwise turning! (Those turning directions are valid as long as the Hall element is fitted with its wires facing upwards (as shown in the pictures here), if you need to install with wires facing towards engine that directions mirror!)


solid state high output condenser discharge ignition (CDI) to be installed in stock distributer housing for 4 cylinder 4 strokes car engines. 2 twin gnition coils, converter and advance unit have to find a place elsewhere near the engine outside distributer

this is a do DIY kit, customer has to physically adapt the hall element (mostly by adding some adapter piece) to the stock distributer housing and to fit the hall rotor to the distributer shaft (modification on internal diiameter of hallrotor)

may be used in both turning directions

click pictures to enlarge them

advantages over stock system:
  • material is new and available
  • solid state, con tactless ignition on hall effect basis with automatic advance control
  • no problem any more with points and  govenor
how does this offer differ to other offers on the market which seem to be cheaper?
  • this material does not simply replace the points by a hall element leaving the stock govenor, stock ignition coil and distributer finger in place
  • if offers a genuine CDI with nearly 40KV output and not only a transistor trigger for the stock coil.
  • it is not based on a photo sensor which easily malfunction in conditions of of oil and dirt and it does not have any open printed circuit boards which corrode as you have in some other offers.
  • it may be run on 6 or 12V batteries
examples of installations with this material