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Powerdynamo System 7261,7108 or 7201 ?  T or GT  Models ? Points or PEI?

There seems to be endless confusion over what is an T or an GT model. http://www.suzukicycles.org is a good source of information on this, but the matter is tricky as what is relevant to us - the ignition configuration is not really covered. Disc or no disc brake does not matter for us.
We have therefore (until better knowledge) decided to circumvent the issue by simply discriminating between points based and PEI based engines. This because both have different shafts and rotor fastening methods. It might well be that all T models had points and GT had PEI, but we do not know and it would probably not matter for us. What however matters for us is whether the rotor is fastened by a nut or a screw. And this can also be found out when there is no stock system available on the engine.

points based stock system
rotor fastened by screw
PEI based stock system
rotor fastened by nut
There are customers who do not have any stock system. Hence, they can not say what there was. Nothing is lost however, the shaft will tell for sure.
shaft for points based stock system shaft for PEI based stock system
has hole with internal M8 threading has outher M12 threading

Powerdynamo Systems for engine with stock points system Powerdynamo Systems for engine with stock PEI system
full lights 72 61 799 00 full lights 72 01 799 00
racing, ignition only 71 08 599 00 racing, ignition only 72 01 599 00