Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light
to your vintage motorcycle



Technical Help



System 71 08 599 00

solid state ignition  for Suzuki T500 & T20/200/250/350

Note: No facility for lighting provided!! No lights - no use on public roads (consult national regulations)! For complete electronic ignition/generator unit see our system 72 61 799 00.

there might be confusion over different cranks, please see here

Highspeed (up to 22.000rpm) magnet based solid state ignition for vintage bike racing applications. At 18.000rpm (i.e. 36.000 sparks/min) still 25 Kilovolts output (3.000-8.000rpm = 40kV, see diagram). Diameter of rotor is 59mm, rotor weight is 180 gramms.

Replaces such systems as Motoplat, Hitachi, Fensatronic and Kröber.
will not drive Kröber Tacho

Advantages over  old systems:
  • all parts are new
  • very stable ignition with high energy spark
  • better starting and fuel burning, increases engine performance
  • no problem with points anymore
  • very lightweight, rotor at 180gr, total system at 850gr