Powerdynamo, no advance controil on 2 strokes which had a centrifugal govenor

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Our 2-stroke systems (except a few) do not have an edvance unit for timing control.
There is however some advance/retard during starting to ease this.

The diagrams here shows timing of spark in depencence of engine speed in our internal sensor systems 

  • diagram above with 112mm rotor, internal sensor
  • below with 103mm rotor), internal sensor

    The line zero respresents the angle you set at point of installation by aligning stator and rotor markings with the piston in the wanted ignition position (say 2 mm before TDC which might be something like 28 or so).

    At start, something below 1200 revs ignition will happen later, nearer to TDC, here shown in the negative area of the graph. During main driving revs, say between  1200 and 4000 ignition happens in about the set timing (zero line) and in higher revs it again drops back a little towards TDC (the negative area here). 

    This is something inherent in the material, but corresponds very well to what a 2-stroke engine would like.

It is possible to add special advance & retard units to 2-stroke systems.

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