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Knowledge base

Imperatively browse our Knowledge Base and for more general questions our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
This may save you and us time and frustration. In our KB you find help on many issues relating to our material, use and troubleshooting, irrespectively where you have bought the material. This knowledge base gets constantly updated.

Should you not find there the answer you look for, 
  • contact your seller. He has sold the product to you, he has (hopefully) advised you, he has made money on the same and he is obligated to assist you with the product. This also is valid for "flying" salesman who travel the parts markets (make sure you get hold of their address details)
  • your seller is also the address you have to send material deemed by you as faulty for checking and repair to.
Goods have to be as advertised, have to be free of defects and fit for the purpose described. Your seller is responsible by law that those principles are respected ( 434 BGB - German civil law codex ).

Should you have bought the product directly from us
and you have questions and/or problems with the material we will gladly assist you.
Please give us what system you refer to (system number!) and inform when and where you did buy it.

Support requests

send email to  service@powerdynamo.de  detailing what material you refer to, what problem you have with it, how those problems manifest and where and when you did buy the material. Also whether the engine effected has been modified aftermarket in any way.

This mail will go directly into our ticket system
with which it is much easier for us to keep track. Communicating by normal mail runs dangers. What if the colleague you discussed it with is away, or even worse you wrote to several different colleagues over some length of time? We have problems in piecing your issue together again.
  • Please note that phoning in order to solve a technical matter is in most cases not the best solution. Even less so as we have a lanquage barrier between us.
  • Also no good idea is to send mail to more than one of our staff. This is a waist of resouces and creates confusion
  • Send mail to service@powerdynamo.de, this feeds into our ticket system and helps to speed up a reply
In any case, when contacting us, please inform as detailed as possible 
  • which system you refer to, what the problem is and how this manifests. Expressions such as "does not work" are absolutely worthless!
  • please do not send us material for checking without detailed information on what the problem is. If you had opened a ticket, just add ticket number. Some text like "as discussed on phone" is of no use whatsover! When the material arrives nobody here will know any more who discussed what with whom on the phone days before. Result would be that we can not process your problem until further information. A waste of time for both of us.