Powerdynamo  regresa el encendido y la luz
a su moto clásica


Sistema 70 01 799 00
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Dínamo / encendido electrónico
para DKW SB200
y Sport 250

Please note: DKW used 2 different crankshafts in SB 200. Relative to the dynamo different in size of threading for rotor fastening nut (M 14 and M 16). Please indicate what nut size you need when ordering
Magnet based generator with integrated solid state ignition. Output at 12V/100W DC (at express demand 6V/75W option available). Replaces old dynamo, points, centrifugal governor, ignition coil. You may drive without a battery, if you want. Ignition ist static as with the modern carburants and the high tension ignition there is no need to have reduced advance at startup. Rotor weight is now 2kg in place of formerly 4. This reduces wear on bearings and gives smooth driving.
Ventajas comparadas con el viejo sistema
  • todas las partes son nuevas
  • solid state ignition
  • luz mucho más clara (with light bulb 40/45W)
  • encendido muy estable con chispas de alta energía
  • mejor arranque y mejor combustión
  • no trouble anymore with setting points or the old electronic ignition (depending on what system you had)