Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
to your vintage motorcycle



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System 73 76 999 HR
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replacement 12 volts alternator system with integrated solid state ignition fitting Yamaha XS650

with rotor 1.4kg

This is a follow up system for our 71 69 999 00 which offers easier installation and more lighting output than the first system.

Replaces complete stock ignition and alternator. The system is technically capable of running without a battery (which the stock alternator could not). If you want to use that option, please note our remarks on driving without a battery.

No carbons, no collector, no points or govenor problems any more. No need to modify engine casing.

advantage over original system:
  • may run without battery
    (see however notes on that here)
  • all parts are new
  • no wear anymore on carbons and collector
  • solid lighting output of 180W at 12V DC
Please note!
  • Does not support the original safety relay that prevents starting into an already running engine.
  • Does not support any existing electronic revolution counter unless this instrument was triggered by the stock points. In that case you may keep the points, just for driving your tachometer as before.
  • The Powerdynamo system delivers up to 180 Watts lighting power output (see diagram here). Power for the ignition does not eat into this as it is produced extra.
  • This is not a tuning system to get more performance. This is a replacement kit for material no longer available, simply to keep the bike running.