Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
to your vintage motorcycle



Technical Help



System 71 69 999 00

replacement alternator/ignition system fitting  Yamaha XS650

dicontinued system, for reference only. superseded by 73 76 999 00

Replaces complete stock ignition and alternator. The system is technically capable of running without a battery (which the stock alternator could not). If you want to use that option, please note our remarks on driving without a battery.

No carbons, no collector, no points or govenor problems any more. No need to modify engine casing.

advantage over original system:
Please note!
  • Does not support the original safety relay that prevents starting into an already running engine.
  • Does not support any existing electronic revolution counter.
  • The stock alternator produces 232Watts at 5,000 RPM. The stock  rotor / regulator uses 42 of those watts and the ignition system uses 52 Watts, for a net output of 138 Watts. So, the PowerDynamo system actually has more usable power at 150 Watts.
  • This is not a tuning system to get more performance. This is a replacement kit for material no longer available, simply to keep the bike running.