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Options and addons for Powerdynamo Magdynos

Is a Powerdynamo Magdyno used in a system without any battery, you will IMPERATIVELY NEED a condenser  > 22.000F in place of the battery.

Failing this, there will not be full lighting power at the headlight. Reason for this is the special way the regulator inside the magdyno works.  You will not need the condenser if there is a battery, but you may leave the condenser installed in parallel to the battery.
The condenser has (like the battery) a plus and a minus terminal and gets connected as if it was the battery. 
But, please know that this is not a battery replacement that might drive a parking light. This will work only with a battery!

Condenser for PD magdyno, part 70 22 000 00 (Link to shop)

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alternative advance unit (to be delivered in place of the standard unit with no extra cost) for manual switch between advance and retard

option 71 99 manu

as extra part (not as option together with magdyno) part 71 99 999 99

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reduction of axle height to 35mm (e.g. to replace Miller magdynos)

please note: magdyno can be fastened by strap only. It is not possible any more to hold it by screws into its bottom (not enough material any more)

option 71 99 999 MI

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transfer of ignition coil from within to outside magdyno body (if needed for space reasons)
shortens unit by 40mm

option 71 99 999 KU

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Adapter to elevate axle from  38mm to 44,6mm
with screw in dowels in 50x50mm raster

part 71 97 999 16

with this adapter the magdyno - equipped with this adapter and hence 44.8mm axle -  may be fastened from bottom by 4x screws M8 (screw in dowels replaced by screws)
should you want to screwmount directly, without this plate, than use 4x M6x16 (not longer than 16mm)

fastening strap half (actually made for BSA Goldstar to work together with stock half)

part 71 97 999 25