Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
to your vintage motorcycle



Technical Help



Option 71 99 999 KU  
to house ignition coil outside magdyno (for restricted space applications)

for general information on our magdynos (including standard dimensions) see here
This option may be ordered together with any version of our magdynos (at time of initial order)

The unit will than arrive with the short back and the ignition coil (1 or 2 cylinder, depending) as individual part to be housed externally of magdyno

Wire exit may be on left (as in picture here) or right side. If we do not get info from you on this we do it left side.

click pictures to enlarge
- the plug "box" has wires arriving from magdyno: yellow, white, red
  a wire yellow connects to the plug coil.
  the plug is marked by some black tape around it
- the plug "coil" has arriving wires white, red and the yellow from the box plug
  (in picture below it is blue, not yellow)