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Technical Help



a little help to determine what H1 type you have and what Powerdynamo system you therefore need

Attention: we get again and again wrong orders where customers confuse types. Please do not order as per engine type you think you have, but by structure of magneto cover as explained below!

- click images to get bigger or other pictures - 

large magneto cover in one piece (could be H1A)  
needs PD System  71 63 799
  magneto cover in 2 parts (could be H1D/E/F/KH500, H2) 
needs PD System  73 94 799

  • identified by the magneto cover beeing from one piece
  • identified by the magneto cover beeing from two pieces
  • and, the alternator is fastened directly on the engine block
  • and, the alternator is fastened in the lower part of the magneto cover


If you try to install a 73 94 799 onto a crankcase which expects the system to be fastened directly to the carter than you get this situation shown below. you see - arrow in left pic - that this engine was made for the system to be screwed directly to the block. The result is a crying distance problem (right pic).
pics may be enlarged by clicking onto them.

As the difference between the 2 systems is not only rotor, the complete thing has to be returned to us and exchanged if this error has happened.