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important Info relating to ignition systems for MZ offroad motorcycles (GS for Gelaendesport)

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We see some significant increase in interest and demand for MZ GS motorcycles, but about every second order we get for such replacement systems is wrong. Quite often the customer has (or thinks to have) a GS chassis, but in this a normal TS or ETZ engine. There is always room for ample confusion in old motorcycles.

In the case of the MZ GS types there is additionally that:

# there have been more than one stock system used
# the customer has an offroad look alike with a normal MZ engine sold to him as an original GS.
   In very many cases however this bike has a standard TS or ETZ engine in). The market
   is full of such lookalikes. When you look at production figues of such bikes you can see that
   the scope of the present offer is somehow wrong
# also, crankshafts are with some effort interchangable and create confusion.
   With such modified engines configurations come into being which are not covered by any of our 
   existing systems. They must be dealt with individually.

Important for choosing the fitting Powerdynamo system ist not what chassis you have, but what engine and whether and if so, how this has been modified

Systems for genuine stock GS engines

Powerdynamo System 
77 76 788 00

6V/18W does not need regulator

Powerdynamo System 
77 76 799 00


MZ ES250/G and ETS250/G with stock 6V Dynamo (base diameter in engine 97mm, 2 fastening screws at 85mm pitch), shaft with 13mm at small end of crank pin.

Those engines had a high dynamo cover.

ETS250/1 G5 did not have this system any more, they had a magneto of type KLZ (see below).

Powerdynamo System 
95 70 788 00

6V/18W does not need regulator

Powerdynamo System 
95 70 799 00




MZ ES250/1 G5/G with magneto of type KLZ (points or electronic)

base diameter 115mm, 
not fastened by screws, but by 3 clamps. crankpin is thicker than normal MZ shaft. 

Flat dynamo side cover.

System for ETZ engines with aftermarket flat dynamo cover (that never was a stock part)

Powerdynamo System 
77 82 788 00

6V/18W does not need regulator

Powerdynamo System 
77 82 799 00


For ETZ engines with aftermarket flat dynamo cover which does not permit fitment od PD ETZ system.

here, to whow differences the normal stock MZ street systems

various PD systems to replace stock 6V MZ (overview)

normal street MZ 6V ignition


6V, points

base diameter 97mm, 2 fastening screws 80mm pitch

ETZ 250/251/301  
95 22 799 00
ETZ 125/150  
95 23 799 00

12V 180W
standard ETZ alternator/ignition setup
V, points or electronic

base diameter 118mm
3 fastening screws