Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
to your vintage motorcycle



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System 71 13 599 00
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solid state ignition for vintage
RD250E & RD400E 1979 RD250F & RD400F Yamaha    with long crankshaft and Banshee Quad engine

Please make sure you order the correct version fitting your particular RD!
             Please check length of shaft (detail here)!

(picture shows TZ250)
Ready to run system.
Highspeed (up to 22.000rpm) magnet based solid state  ignition for sports purposes. At 18.000rpm (i.e. 36.000 sparks/min) still 25kV output. (3.000-8.000rpm = 40kV, see diagram). Diameter of rotor is 59mm, rotor weight 180 gramms. 
Replaces such systems as Motoplat, Hitachi, Fensatronic and Kröber. 
Noteno facility for lighting provided!!
advantages over old system 
  • all parts are new
  • very stable ignition with high energy spark
  • better starting and fuel burning, increases engine performance
  • very lightweight, rotor at 180gr, total system at 850gr

shows data for 71 06 599
difference is height of adapter plate