Powerdynamo, universal electronic flasher unit

Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
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LED capable universal electronic flasher unit  6-16V,  3-40W (per side)

part number 

95 19 890 00  

Product description:
Flasher unit (indicator unit) for classic motorcycles  6 or 12 Volts, for both negative or positive ground. Bulbs or LED from 3 to 40 Watts (total each side). Very stable flashing frequency of 85 light appearances per minute. Rubber fastening strap provided.

Note: as a result of stable frequency bulb failure does not manifest in faster flashing.

If used with LED consult LED manufacturers specifications. You might have to add resistors. If there is only one control bulb for both sides, it might be that both sides flash at same time unless you have installed correct resistance.
If used without battery on permanent magnet based alternators such as Powerdynamo you will need to install a smoothing condenser or (with PD Systems) use our alternative regulator with inbuilt condenser.

Install yourself only if you have the needed qualification. Wrong installation may lead to malfunction or even destruction of the flasher unit and possible further damage in your electrical system as well as fires.

If your old flasher unit had 3 terminals, insulate the wire that runs from ground. It will remain unused now. The remaining 2 wires will be connected as follows:

One pin connects to your indicator switch, the other to your main switch (power out pin)

Should your side indicators after installation not flash, but constantly shine, you have connected the unit wrongly. Disconnect the 2 wires and  cross switch them. It should work than.

See diagram below (Diagram shows wiring to negative ground, for positive ground this is accordingly)