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How can I become a reseller with Powerdynamo ?

to become a reseller with us, the following is needed:
  • you need to be in the trade and proove this to us (if you have a respective website this will do)
  • you need to accept our conditions for resellers 
  • you need to register in our Onlineshop (as soon as all preconditions are met, we set your status there to reseller with a starting discount of 15%)
    At time of registering you will still see the standard customer prices. we need to set your status manually and can do so only after you have registered.
  • you need to use this shop for your orders which includes that you accept and use online payment Paypal (for some EU countries there is also direct ebanking) We do not offer  advance payment  by bank transfer. 
    We invoice in Euros (your bank will convert for you)
  • if you are inside the EU and have an EU VAT number that enables VAT free sales between us, we need to know and check this number

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