Powerdynamo regresa el encendido
y la luz a su moto clásica



on JAWA Perak and
other JAWA/CZ with Amperemeter

Assembly is different only in the wiring between the new regulator and the old system. 
  • Plus from the new regulator/rectifier will be connected to pin 51 of the oval switch box. This will enable to ampmeter function, though this will shown reverse flows due to the changed polarity of the battery.

  • If the relay method is used, the black wire from pin 85 of the relay gets connected to pin 54 of the main switch. pin 61 will remain free.

  • If the system is used without battery, you may use the "emergency" position of the main switch (together with the stop-light) as a kill switch to stop engine run.  For this, the wire running to the stop light switch will be reconnected from originally at terminal  30 to now terminal 54 of the main switch. The blue wire to the new ignition coil will be connected to pin 61 of the main switch. To switch of engine run, you switch to "emergency" and apply the rear brake. The ignition system will get ground via the stoplight bulb and stall. After the engine has come to a standstill, you switch to OFF

Here the contact layout of the main switch. There have been more than one version in terms of physical layout, but contact descriptions have been the same.