Powerdynamo, parts to complement

Powerdynamo regresa el encendido
y la luz a su moto clásica


Switches for classic bike electricals 


Flasher units do not only have to correspond to the voltage of the electrical system, but also need to correspond to the power (watts) of the flasher bulbs to work correctly.
A further problem is that most of them do not work correctly in a magneto without battery environment (such as Powerdynamo systems).
Photo electrical data parts number prices

   6 Volts 2x21W

12 Volts 2x21W

80 50 596 00

95 19 893 00



Flasher frequence depends heavily on how many watts the bulbs have. Make sure you have the corresponding wattage of your flasher bulbs. Will need in Powerdynamo systems either battery or condenser.

  6/12 Volts universal
(3 bis 40 Watt)
Stabile Blinkfrequenz, unabhängig von der Leistung der Glühlampen
 95 19 890 00 Price
Will need in Powerdynamo systems either battery or condenser.
how to connect wiring diagram

  6-12V 10W
alternating curent (AC)

Flashes front and rear alternatingly!

wiring diagram

70 36 799 60 Price
For small 50cc's