Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
to your vintage motorcycl



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System 76 35 799 DY
=> /$

Dynamo/Ignition System 
 DKW SB500   with (originally) Dynastart

Version for SB with &V Standard Dynamo see System 76 35 799 00.

The System is - save for the adapter same as the version for the standard dynamo. We therefore only use the assy instructions for the standard. 
For this, please see  76 35 799 00
System does not replace the dynastart function. Starting by kickstarter only.
The stock dynastart system has an significantly higher cover and a thicker baseplate. 
Left in the picture the  Dynastart, right the standard 6V Version.
We have had several engines now where the system did not fit (rotor conflictet with adapter). As the majority of sales however did fit, we have to assume that there are different (either stock or regenerated) shafts. Neither we nor the customer can see this before fitment. We have therefore disontinued the offer.
As sometimes it is not really known what version is existing we give the following information:



As long as the stator coils are still existing you can tell the difference as shown here.

You can equally tell the difference in the baseplates

The stock dynastart plate is elevated at the coil seat The standard 6V plate is sunk in at the coil seat

It is the form of this plate which is making the difference between our 2 versions.