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use of System 72 54 999 00 in  Ducati 350ccm (wide case engine)

We had some 350s wide case, stock flywheel  129mm dia, base fastened with 4 screws where our system did not fit. Shaft is too short to place nut on top of the gear (which is on top of our flyxwheel)

This problem can NOT be solved!

It is impossible to lower the flywheel. The system can not be fitted to those engines.

From afar we can not tell whether this problem is in your engine. We know this from engines  Ducati 350 Vento made 1980 by Mototrans, Spain.
It may however also concern others. 
The problem does NOT exist in 350 engines used for swiss army Condor 350. There it fits

We think that you can check by taking the height of the shaft from bottom of carter (where the base of the alternators rests, the plate has to be taken out for this!) to start of threading.

There have to be 51mm plus thickn ess of the gear plus thickness of the nut.

In the picture of the problem above we lack 8-9mm height.