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system 72 47 999 00
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generator/ignition  for Ducati 100 - 250 (narow case engine)

Magnet based generator with integrated solid state ignition. Output 12V/100W DC. Replaces the old magneto and the complete ignition system. Solid state, maintenance free, electronic ignition.

Ignition is mounted at crankshaft level (part of magneto). The original contact breaker at camshaft level is no longer needed and may be taken out. There is no need for changes on engine casing.

narrow case engine - wide case engine?
How to know what system I need?

so called
narrow case engine 100-250cc

so called
wide case engine

  • stator plate fixed with 3 screws
  • diameter of stock rotor is 117mm
  • stator plate fixed with 4 screws
  • diameter of stock rotor is 129mm
Advantage over original system:
  • all parts are new
  • very good light output
  • very stable ignition with solid spark
  • better starting, better fuel burning
  • no wear anymore on points