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System 72 06 799 00
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generator/electronic ignition for  DKW 3PS (100 RT)
with engine number  864201 and higher (originally 6V)

  • for DKW with engine numbers lower 864201 see system 73 93 799 00
  • The difference between systems 7206 and 7393 is the  centering diameter of the adapter plate  (System 72 06 has 119mm, System 73 93 has 120mm). Please imperatively check this before order - independently of engine number (might have been swapped)

Magnet based generator with integrated solid state ignition. Light output 12V/70W AC.
Ignition with own power supply from within the system. Replaces original DKW Magneto as well as all ignition parts. Does not require changes on crankcase, but the generator cover must be increased by 5mm.

The ignition coil and the regulator must be mounted outside the engine.

We no longer offer systems for DKW 100. We found that the shape und dimensions of the stock dynamo plate on which our systems docks varies to much to offer a plug and play solution.

If there would be larger sales of this system (so far 5 per year) we would manufacture a new rear plate, which however would add about 100 euros to cost. Simplifying this new plate would only bring again criticism from the DKW community that it no longer has original looks.
advantage over original system
  • all parts are new
  • solid state ignition 
  • more light output 
  • very stable ignition with solid spark
  • better starting, better fuel burning
  • no wear anymore on collector, govenor and points