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System 71 95 999 X0
X = 1 for single
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X =  2 for twin or twin spark
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Magdyno with digital advance to replace Bosch magdynos of type D1 or D2, or Bosch battery dynos of type RS1 or LS2 or similar in 4 stroke singles and twins (flat or parallel twins, not V-engines) - depending on model

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essential properties:
  • 100% new material, no trade-ins of old material required
  • original dimensions (axle height 38mm) and very closely copied original optics
  • high energy solid state CDI ignition with digital advance
  • 12V/60W light output (additional to spark output)
  • regulator and ignition coil integrated inside, but digital advance unit (included in the delivery) to be fixed outside as a discrete unit
  • usable for both left or right turn
  • working range 100 to 4.000rpm
physical data

  • solid, cast aluminium body, front cover (replica of regulator housing containing ignition coil) black coated
  • outside dimensions see drawing here
  • weight 5kg
  • replacable, screw-in type high tension cable
  • fixed black wire bundle of 1m length to connect to outside advance unit and battery
  • digital advance unit as external gadget housed in black box of size 55x73x28mm

electrical data

  • high energy condenser discharge ignition
  • Digital advance predefined switch selectable advance profiles. advance of either 20 or 16 advance at unit shaft (that is 40 resp. 32 crankshaft advance). For graph see here
  • advance may be modified by about 10 after installation without changing chain or gear settings from unit to engine by shifting internal pickup
  • regulated lighting voltage of 14.4V (that is standard for 12V systems) with 60W load already at 1.000rpm 35W (diagram).
  • may be used without battery, but will need in that case a high capacity condenser to enable correct regulator functioning


recommended add-ons


Those parts are not part of the standard pack!

For enhanced optics (more originality) we offer an add-on (dummy) contact breaker housing and springpost to hold it. Those parts are not needed for any function and have merely optical value. They are NOT part of the standard pack, but are optional extras.
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addon kit
brown/black cover

addon kit
nickel plated cover

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71 95 999 80

71 95 999 85

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