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IMPORTANT information on ignition systems 95 19 300 S1 / 95 19 300 S3
Please do read before you order the system and observe during installation.
Failure to do so may result in damage to the ignition coil!!
As it so happens, nearly everything good in life has its drawbacks too.
The sensor of our ignition system needs a certain direction of the magnetic field in which it operates. This field is created by the rotor. Unfortunately over the years there have been more than one version of rotor and with it field. For a properly working system we will have to know the direction of the field in your generator. The penalty for getting it wrong is that the new electronic ignition coil will very soon burn away, probably leaving you and your bike in the middle of a rainy nowhere.

You tell us please what type of rotor you have.

In the original GDR production a system with graphite rings has been used. In the later Turkish production (Kanuni), as well as in at least 3 different third party spares productions a rotor with copper rings was used. On production details of MuZ bikes we have unfortunately no details (which lastly does not matter).

The direction of the magnetic field is determined as follows:

You will need a compass, any simple type will do. You do not need to uninstall the generator, you need not even open the magneto cover of the engine. Start the engine, switch on your headlights and let the engine run at about half speed (stationary bike!). Now hold the compass next to the outside of the RH side engine cover and watch the needle.

If it shows with its pointed end towards the engine all is ok. If it shows away, you need to replace the sensor S01 with the sensor S03, otherwise your ignition coil will burn. Alternatively reverse the wires running to the carbons. This has the same effect.

Rotor with collector rings
made of graphite:

System S01

Rotor with  collector rings
made of copper:

Here you have to determine the sense of the field. (see below)

compass needle points towards the engine

compass needle points away from  the engine

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System S01

System S03