Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light
to your vintage motorcycle



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System 95 23 799 00
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12 Volts generator/electronic ignition for MZ ETZ125/150

For ETZ 250/251/301 see system 95 22 799 00.
Magnet based generator with integrated fully electronic ignition. Output 12V/180W DC. Solid state ignition with own power supply from within the system. Replaces old dynamo, points (or whatever electronic ignition system you had), condenser, ignition coils.

You may drive without a battery, if you want, you will have to install in that case however a large capacity condenser. There is no need for changes on engine casing.

Advantage over original system
  • all parts are new
  • more light output
  • very stable ignition with solid spark
  • better starting, better fuel burning
  • no trouble anymore with setting points
The Powerdynamo system does not support the stock electronic tachometer of the ETZ, not even through use of the module offered by us.

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This system does not have an advance unit. It works with fixed timing, as the stock ignition does. It has to be added that there is some minimal technologically caused change which we indicate here in the graph.

The zero line shows the setting achieved as by instructions (rotor/stator alignment) and corresponds to the 2.5/2.7 mm BTDC. The negative values show that in this spectrum, that is at start up ignition happens nearer to TDC (starting with about 10 less advance, but than rapidly shifting to normal. Beyond 4000 revs advance is taken back by about 1 degree (till max revs of ETZ)