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System 71 00 599 XX

solid state ignition for  vintage 2 stroke sports motorcycles

71 00 599 L1 or 2 for anticlockwise turning 1 or 2 cylinder 
71 00 599 R1 or R2 for clockwise turning, 1 or 2 cylinder
material can not be offered with advance control
Highspeed (up to 22.000rpm) magnet based solid state ignition for sports purposes. At 18.000rpm (i.e. 36.000 sparks/min) still 25kV output. (3.000 to 8.000 revs 40kV - see diagram). Diameter of rotor is 59mm, rotor weight is 210 gramms. 
Replaces such systems as Motoplat, Hitachi, Fensatronic and Kröber. 
Noteno facility for lighting provided!!
No lights - no use on public roads! (consult national regulations)
DIY kit! comprises complete electrical material, has to be mechanically adapted by customer in tapper and base plate. 
Dimensions see below.

As the rotor will need to be physically modified by the customer, there is no right of return of this part after any modification. Warranty however exists.

With adapter plates and tapper changes fitting for many anticlockwise turning 1 and 2-cylinder 2-stroke engines.  We offer however for certain motorcycles ready to fit systems with this material  as well.
advantages over old system 
  • all parts are new
  • very stable ignition with high energy spark
  • better starting and fuel burning, increases engine performance
examples of use 
and complete kits