Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
to your vintage motorcycl



Technical Help



System 70 91 999 TT
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generator/electronic ignition (incl. harness)
for Simson AWO 425 Tour

This system is identically equal to the system 70 91 999 WW, except for the enclosed additional (specially fashioned for this Powerdynamo system) wiring harness.

Magnet based generator with integrated solid state ignition. Replaces old 6 Volt L45/60L dynamo, regulator, magnet, points, advance unit, condenser. Updates your system to 12V/150W. No need for changes on engine housing. The system is technically capable of running without battery.
advantage over original system
  • all parts are new, also the new harness, that is specially fashioned for the assembling of the system at the AWO Sport
  • fully electronic, solid state ignition
  • more light output, you can use H4 light bulbs
  • no wear anymore on carbons, collectors and centrifugal governor