Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
to your vintage motorcycle



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12 volts dynamo for BMW flat twin

70 80 499 017
=> €/$

for R50, R51/3, R51S, R60, R67, R67/2, R67/3, R69
with 17mm crankpin (measured at wide end).

70 80 499 020
=> €/$

for R50/2 (not for 12V "Behörde"), R50S, R50US, R60/2, R60US, R69S, R69US
with 20mm crankpin (measured at wide end).

Dynamo replacing original 6 Volts BMW dynamo L45/60L in engines with 17mm or 20mm shaft (measured at wide end). Upgrades your system to 12V/150W.

No need to modify engine casing. You may use the dynamo without battery.

advantage over original system:
  • all parts are new
  • more light output
  • no wear anymore on carbons and collector