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Recommended puller tools for Powerdynamo

  • Only in very few cases your stock rotor puller will be suitable for the Powerdynamo rotor.
  • inversely, only in very rare cases can the Powerdynamo puller pull your stock rotor.
  • Never use a hammer or a claw or clamp puller to pull Powerdynamo rotor. This would damage the magnets, even plastified ones.

  • We are amazed how many customers ignore our suggestion to buy a puller together with the system, which often than results in a puller beeing ordered later at disproportionate postage cost. There had been a time when we had added always a puller with the systems. This resulted in us beeing critised for wastage as especially commercial customers already had a few of them.
  • In our product information (in shop via link "full product information here") you can find out whether a puller is included. This will always be the case if the puller is not our standard puller but some special tool. In systems where you can use the standard puller it is never included by default and has to be ordered as a separate.
  • Puller for stock material can be of various forms.  We offer a very limited range of them.

This is the standard puller. never supplied with a kit

puller tool (M27x1.25 / M12) /
screw (M12x90)

rotor holder tool
To hold the rotor during assembly.

needed if rotor fastening by a nut or a screw (smaller than M10)

spare part number: 99 99 799 00

spare part number: 70 00 000 33

The following puller are for special systems and are always in the kit

puller tool (M27x1.25 / M12)
with special screw (M12x90)
needed if rotor fastening by a screw
(from M10 and larger)

puller tool (M27x1.25 / M12)
with screw (M12x90)
used (among others) on Yamaha XS650

spare part number: 70 85 899 99

spare part number: 99 99 799 34

puller tool (M27x1.25) internal threading

needed to pull inverted 103mm rotor
used (among others) on BSA Bantam

rotor puller
for inverted rotor with 2 threaded screw holes



spare part number: 72 98 799 99

part number: 73 62 599 34

we offer some puller for stock systems

see here