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Technical Help



Assy instructions for Powerdynamo  tachometer modules 70 00 111 in and 70 00 111 xt 
to connect  MMB tachometer (positiv pulse, 1:1) to Powerdynamo systems 

Please do read those instructions fully before starting work on your bike or any modification on the supplied material.
If you have no expertise for the installation have it done by an expert or at a specialist's workshop. Improper installation may damage ignition, tachometer or the module. 
You will imperatively need a battery to drive the instrument. This is as standard 12V, MMB offer 6V versions.  For our module the battery voltage does not matter. The tachometer however needs a battery even is our systems may function without.
If you have access to the Internet, see those instructions online. You get larger and better pictures by clicking onto them. 

Powerdynamo Systems have, depending on model, 2 different plugs to connect the cable from the alternator to the ignition coil (or advance unit, so existing). To facilitate easy connection of the tachometer module we  offer  2 different modules, different only in this plug. The module itself is same in both.
If connection is made via a 4-hole plug (mostly housing only 3 wires) you need Modul 70 00 111 xt


If connection is made via a 2-hole plug you need Modul 70 00 111 in


The Modul (1) is prewired: 

  • Disconnect the plug-connection between generator and ignition coil (resp. on systems with advance unit the advance unit).

  • The green cable (4) leads to the tachometer and gets connected to the green wire at the tacho.

  • Connect the tacho as shown in the MMB assembly instructions

technical diagram:
(for enlargement please click on the diagram)

The pulse is taken from the frequency of the ignition pole voltage (red wire) and than divided down to a ratio of 1:1 (one pulse per rev)

Please note:
  • The adapter is designed to work with tachometers (revolution counters) made by MMB with a 1:1 transmission and a positive pulse. (Note: it will Not work on negative pulses!)
  • We have not tested the part in combination with instruments of other makes.
  • We know for sure that it does not work with the Pitsch LZ13.
  • The instruments (not our adapter) imperatively need a battery 12V (ask MMB for 6V versions).
  • Please observe the assembly-, safety- and user's manual of your Powerdynamo when connecting.