Powerdynamo, shielded sparkplug cap 70 10 500 00

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Part number 70 10 300 00  Metal shielded spark plug cap meeting German regulations.

Spark plug cap BER WOA/14 Beru ZŁndkerzenstecker waterproof, metal clad polyester, 90 degrees, black,1 Kilo Ohm, for 14 mm plugs
  • suitable for up to 40.000 Volts
  • will withstand high temperatures
  • absolutely watertight
  • resistent against corrosion
  • resistant against vibrations
  • reliable contacts
  • OEM quality
  • anti-interference guarantied as per German VDE


In some countries the use of anti-parasite (radio anti-interference) material is tightly regulated.

In Germany e.g. the material has to be marked with 

This plug corresponds to those norms. In the context of European harmonisation there are possible other markings as well.

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