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converting the PD magdyno into battery based ignition with converter 71 95 999 60

This conversion uses a converter 7150 which has been specially rewired for use with the magdyno. It has part number 71 95 999 60.

The converter needs to be connected to switched plus 12V (via main switch) so that with switch off, there is no longer voltage at the unit.
The cut off wiring via the blue wire is now not needed any more.
The working principle is as follows:
Charging voltage for the condenser in the CDI which is housed inside the PD ignition coil is no longer produced by the magdyno but the converter which converts 12V battery voltage into 360V charge voltage.

For this the wire bringing charging voltage from the magdyno has to be disconnected and grounded so that no voltage can rise there.
Switch off is now by cutting supply voltage to the converter via main switch and not any longer by grounding the blue wire.

The conversion requires some knowledge and skill and should not be done by the unexperienced!

Also this should only be undertaken if - for whatever reason - kickstart speed does not reliably start the magdyno, but once started the unit drives the engine well (in other words you only have a starting, not a running problem).

Always consult us before such modification! If you modify without our consent and instructions you spoil your warranty. You also may risk damage to the unit. Remember the magnets there are very strong and easily attract metallic objects which than create havoc. Never take the main shaft out!

After the change you will always need a working 12V battery of at least 3,4Ah.

For the conversion you will need a specially rewired converter from us (part 71 95 999 60). This converter converts 12 battery voltage into 360V magneto voltage which normally is produced by the magneto in the magdyno and needed to charge the CDI inside it.

NOTE: Converter and advance unit have the same shape. This may tempt you to piggyback. Do NOT do so, this will bring interference between the two and disturb ignition.

The connection of the converter to the battery has to be via a switch (main switch) and a fuse 10A. The switch is neded both to stop engine operation and to prevent battery bleeding when the bike is not used. 

This is how the wiring inside the magdyno has to be changed:

  • the plug connections 1 and 2 with the wires red/black have to be disconnected.
  • the male plug on the wire running from the ignition coil has to be replaced by a female plug of same plug system (we provide).
  • the new female plug at thne ignition coil will now get connected to the fitting counterpart also having a red/black wire that runs into the loom (not inside the unit!) which exits the magdyno (arrow gešndert/modified)
  • One of the 2 wires red/black which run from inside the magdyno gets connected to a short piece of wire with a fitting male plug (we deliver) and an eye terminal at the other end. 
  • This eye terminal will be screwed at the top middle screw to ground it (see Masse/ground). It does not matter which of the 2 red/black wires which come from inside the unit, you use, they are electrically connected. The plug of the unused wire remains open. Better not cut the plug, you might at some later stage want to return to stock configuration.
  • all other wiring remains as it is
  • when replacing the cap with the ignition coil, make sure not the demage any wires /they are easily pinched between housing and cap! 

    But, as you know, before closing the cap you have to set timing.

  • Disconnect the advance unit from the loom to the magdyno
  • Connect the plug at the magdyno wire with the fitting counterpart at the converter (again, note, this is not the standard converter, but a specially rewired one!)
  • Connect the other plug from the converter with the counterfitting plug at the advance unit (note that here you have wire coulors change from a green/red to a red/black).
  • Connect the single white wire from the converter to good vehicle ground (there where you also have the negative pole of the battery).
  • Connect the single red wire from the converter via a main switch to battery plus via a fuse 10A


The other changes in wiring are effected outside the magdyno

Here the wire diagram as printable PDF:

After the modification please observe:
  • you will now always need a battery. Without, ignition will NOT work.
  • Engine cut off is done by disconnecting battery voltage, no longer by grounding the blue wire. Make sure the blue wire is securely insulated and unused. If connected to ground engine will not start.
  • Starting of the engine will be much improoved now, but still it will require starting be kickstrarter. Turning of rear wheel might still not start ignition as the sensor needs a certain revolution speed.

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