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We sometimes get asked what the differences between the systems for Simson SR50/51/53/70 and KR51 from MZA and from us are and where those system may be procured.


To start with, the parts for both versions are produced by the Czech manufacturer Vape.
Vape had developed an ignition system for Simson in 2001 at Simson request. Those systems therefore became in some way stock Simson parts, made by VAPE. Unfortunately the Simson factory  went into liquidation shortly afterwards. 

MZA, founded in 1993 did buy nearly all spares from the defunct Simson factory in 2003, included the first VAPE ignitions delivered to Simson. MZA also aquired the right to use the trade name Simson. Since that time MZA offers via its resellers (MZA sell only to the trade who in turn mostly sells via Ebay) Vape ignitions for Simson Mopeds SR50/51/53/70 and KR51 which are made as per the specifications given at the time from Simson to Vape. 

Powerdynamo cooperates  with Vape since 1999 and crafts numerous applications with Vape materials (more than 600 so far). Amongst those systems are also systems for Simson SR and KR, however not so strictly based on the original Simson concept. Powerdynamo also offers systems for older Simson, for SR1/2 and KR50 which PD than also sells to MZA.

  1. MZA Systems
    have both AC and DC in the lighting part of the system by using a special Vape regulator (R54). Also wiring is tailored to the stock needs and the flywheel has a keyway for the woodruff - meaning you have to check what system you buy to get correct timing. A typical assy instruction for a SR50 with MZA configuration you may find here.
    For customers wanting a straight replacement of the stock ignition the MZA types are the batter choice as they are simpler in assembly.
    You best get MZA material via the Ebay offers of MZA resellers.
  2. Powerdynamo Systems
    We offer a material (instructions and Info here), with only DC present (no AC/DC mix). This has its advantage e.g. for the 3-wheel DUO. Also we do not have a keyway in the rotor  thereby giving more flexibility in timing. The technical difference between the MZA and the PD system is the stator and the regulator (and the keyway issue).
    The Powerdynamo offer can be found here. 

    Systems for the first Simson (SR1,2, KR50 and early Spatz and Schwalbe with different crank taper)  are all from us, some sold from us to MZA. We also at request offer systems for Simson twins.
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