Powerdynamo, never use copper paste on contacts and spark plug

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Never use copper putty on connectors or the spark plug

This is what we write in all our instructions. But why?

Some people use copper putty on the spark plug threading to prevent them from burning in. This is no good idea however with high tension ignitions.
The putty once applied, after some time diffuses towards cooling fins, spark plug insulator and spark plug cap. Airflow and heat facilitate this. Latest under the influence of water you get shortcircuits. The high tension gets shortcircuited via the copper particles.

The result are ignition problems, possible a total loss of spark. The 35-40 KV ignition voltage look for every shortcut against ground. The diffused copper particles are some ideal way for this.

Also one should consider that copper and aluminium in connection with water form some sort of galvanic element that creates current which in turn creates corrosion.
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