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Some Customers (notably Germans) keep telling us that e.g. ground connection wires have to be brown and ask why they are sometimes white in our systems and even worse why sometimes colours jump at connectors.

Now there are two parts to the answer:

a) There is no internationally unified code for vehicle wiring as far as we know. Germany always used and uses brown for ground (and Germans think that everybody else does). But wrong, Czechs for instance use white, Italians use green, the British Lucas Code for ground is black (except for British military) and so forth.

As our electrical manufacturer, VAPE is Czech, they use mainly white, but some systems have been specially made for German motorcycles and hence are brown.

We now care for some 400 different vehicles from all corners of the world. There is no way of giving each vountry its colours (which by the way may have changed over the decades).

b) We battle with some 1.500 different parts used right accross a wide array of models. As we try to keep prices reasonable, we have to make multi use of the parts and as a result get in certain combinations colour jumps at connectors. Such jumps are however always indicated in our instructions.

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