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Unfortunately there are again and again  stator coils damaged by careless assembly/disassembly

Here the base plate was screwed down without taking the stator off.

The result (here in picture) is a lighting coil destroyed by a screw driver. On systems with internal sensor the tool can damage or push out of position the impulse coils  which will result in ignition problems.

Here it was not noticed that during assy the wires got to far away 
and than got cut by the revolving rotor.

Result is either lighting or ignition problems (depening on what wire was hit).

Here a screw driver was used to hold the rotor during assy/disassy

Result is always a completely destroyed stator! Either coil wires are damaged or position of the 2 small black synchronisation coils (inner sensor) is altered which results in ignition failure.

Never ever do this! We offer a rotor holder tool.

If (for whatever reason) a rotor/flywheel comes to sit too low, it will touch and destroy the stator coil under it.

This is a typical damage:

The rotor has touched the upper surface of the larger black coil and scratched it deeply. As the extremely thin coil wire runs there, it gets cut and ignition fails. Already the friction heat can destroy the coil. Most effected rotor with rivets

The coil is irrepairable and has to be replaced.

Click the picture to enlarge and you will see the damaged wire as small coppery spots under the black surface.


You can check the space:

by putting some plasticin (alternatively some bubble gum) on top of the black coil and than setting the rotor on (tighten it!)

You should always check that after your engine has been repaired as the rotor now might sit differently


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