Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
to your vintage motorcycle



Technical Help



Important info for how to pack Powerdynamo systems! ** * IMPORTANT!! * * * 

The rotor (flywheels) are sensible to blows.
CAUSE: The rotor drum is made of flexible steel, the glued-in magnets are made of inflexible ceramics.
If a rotor gets subjected to force, simplest by dropping it to the floor (even if inside a box), the steel of the drum will flex in and possibly shed magnets. Those will however than still  stick at the rotor drum by their magnetic force - so you often do not notice the damage. If you start the engine however in this state, the loose magnets will move and cause severe damage.
He, who ignores this advice and posts rotor material unprotected will be considered responsible for the damage involved.
Material leaving us here is always double-packed (box in a box)
  • Should  you (for whatever reason) reship a Powerdynamo system or a rotor, please imperatively double-pack it. Please equally do so when returning material to us for whatever reason.
  • The rotor itself has to be wrapped by shock-absorbing material (e.g. crumpled paper).
  • The inner box has to be shock-absorbingly packed as well.
  • It must be avoided, that a rotor has directl contact to one of the parcel's surfaces. One needs a buffer zone around the rotor.
Check the magnets
You can check the adhesion of the magnets easily by trying to push them aside with your fingers (don't use tools).

Attention: The magnets are arranged in some sequence. If you want to solve the problem by re-glueing them, please consult us before starting.

Rest assured, the magnets will not get loose during operation. Unless there is a foreign object (attracted screw or washer etc.) inside the rotor, the crank shaft bearing breakes or the rotor heats-up unnaturally by grinding somewhere.

For pulling the new rotor always use puller screw M27x1.25. Never use a claw puller, a hammer or any other device. This risks shaking magnets off and leads to loss of warranty.