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Powerdynamo - VAPE - MZ-B -what is the context between them ?"

Powerdynamo GmbH crafts bolt on dynamo and/or ignition systems for classic (vintage) motorcycles. The materials used by Powerdynamo are made in specialist companies on high tech machinery as per Powerdynamo specifications.   Powerdynamo has established quite some knowledge on stock ignition systems of  very many older motorcycles and gained expertise in adapting new materials to those machines.
The czech company VAPE is a manufacturer of ignition equipment. Vape produce for Powerdynamo some 250 different parts which complement with a total of 2000 parts Powerdynamo use for outputing something like 700 different systems. Though VAPE produce nearly all electronic components Powerdynamo use, they themselves do not produce the Systems Powerdynamo offers. Those systems only come into existence in Powerdynamo.
MZ-B Vertriebs GmbH, originating from the MZ factory Motorradwerk Zschopau and a worldwide trader of MZ and JAWA parts since 1990 did market Powerdynamo products till September 2008. MZ-B and Powerdynamo had been run in parallel by the same people, with the same workforce and in the same premises. In 2009 MZ-B sold all its MZ and JAWA stock as well as its website to Hungary where it is now operated as mz-b.com. MZ-B ignition systems are early Powerdynamo Systems.