Powerdynamo regresa el encendido
y la luz a su moto clásica


Sistema 70 69 999 00
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Dínamo / encendido electrónico
para Motobi 175 Catia and 250 Sport Special

There have been at least 2 different crankshafts in Motobi 250SS. So far we have not found a way of telling from afar what you have. This system has a rotor with a taper of 5°42' (1:5). For engines with a taper of 4°17' (1:6,66) order our system 70 68 999 00.

Magnet based generator with integrated fully electronic ignition. Output at 12V/100W DC. Solid state ignition with own power supply from within the system. Replaces old alternator, points, centrifugal governor, ignition coil. You may drive without battery, if you want. Ignition advance is effected fully electronically and follows the characteristics of the original centrifugal governor. You have a choice of different advance characteristics.

(photo shows the engine of a 125ccm model)
Ventajas comparadas con el viejo sistema:
  • todas las partes son nuevas
  • luz mucho más clara (with light bulb 40/45W)
  • encendido muy estable con chispas de alta energía
  • mejor arranque y mejor combustión
  • ya no hay ningún desgaste en el ruptor
  • no delicate centrifugal governor anymore