Powerdynamo regresa el encendido
y la luz a su moto clásica


Sistema 70 64 999 00

Dínamo / encendido electrónico
para R50/2 administration BMW (12V)    

(generator receptacle 105mm)
Magnet based generator with integrated solid state ignition. Output 12V/190W DC. Maintenance free solid state ignition with own power supply from within the system. Replaces the original 12V generator (including rectifier regulator and ignition parts). There is no need for changes on engine casing. The system is technically capable of running without battery.

for the /5 version see system 70 67 999 00 
for the subsequent /6 and /7 see system 71 67 999 00
please note
  • does not support the original safety relay that prevents starting into an already running engine
  • does not support any existing electronic revolution counter. If you want a rev meter, have a look at our info here.
  • this is not a tuning system to get more performace. This is a replacement kit for material no longer available, simply to keep the bike running.
Ventajas comparadas con el viejo sistema
  • todas las partes son nuevas
  • you may technically drive without battery (but note limitations)
  • full electronic, contactless ignition
    with automatic ignition advance
  • no more wear on points, collector and governor
  • no more trouble with damaged rectifiers