Powerdynamo regresa el encendido
y la luz a su moto clįsica


Advance curves, that is certain characteristics of change in ignition timing relative to engine speed, are a must in 4 strokes and might be interesting in 2-strokes used for amateur racing purposes. On 2 strokes however often the expense will not be in relation to the effect and at any rate advance curves are no wonder cure for old engines and do not tickle more HP out of them.

Here some information relative to those wishes:

Our offered systems (4strokes) contain an advance characteristic that is the result of our prooven experience. All those curves have been made for unmodified, standard engines and are not aimed at tuning.

Though our advance units have (for reasons of economy) more than one curve inside, only the curve(s) described in the installation notes have been tested for the material refered to. We know that the curves cited work with the engines in question. We can not give any other, supplementary recommendations.

Should a customer, for whatever reason, want a special curve, we are quite willing to implement this curve for him.

Whether however this curve meets the demands of the engine (and the driver) and whether those characteristics would not lead to any damage on the engine and / or driver will be entirely in the responsibility of the customer. We only vouch that the unit will behave as described.

As such units will be special makes, not usable in other installations by us, they do not fall under the distance sale returns policy, surely however they do carry standard warranty.

The price for such specially made advance units is 150 Euros, delivery may take 4 weeks. We only start on such projects if advance payment is made.

Condition is further that the customer defines the curve wanted (what advance at what revs). Changes in advance may be made every 125 revs/min.

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