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System 70 02 799 48
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generator/electronic ignition for DKW SB350  with bearing support dia 48mm 

Magnet based generator with integrated solid state ignition. Output at 12V/180W DC. Replaces old dynamo, points, centrifugal governor, ignition coil. You may drive without a battery, if you want. 

Ignition ist static as with the modern carburants and the high tension ignition there is no need to have reduced advance at startup. Rotor weight is now 2.84kg in place of formerly 4. This reduces wear on bearings and still gives smooth driving.

As per DKW documentation, the diameter of the bearing support (stud) in SB350 had been changed from 48 to 52mm as from engine number 474.001 onwards. As we had however already engines which did not stick to this rule, please, imperatively check diameter of the stud.

Should you find 52mm, please use system 70 02 799 52
advantage over original system
  • all parts are new
  • much more light output
  • very stable ignition with solid spark
  • better starting, better fuel burning
  • no wear anymore on points
  • no delicate centrigugal governor