Powerdynamo redonnes vie et lumiere à vos anciennes


secrets ...
et on ne parle pas ici de secrets dans nos systèmes, mais dans votre moto ancienne! 

Il ya beaucoup de choses qui pourraient vous conduire à commander ou obtenir un faux (ce qui est non convenable) système. Nous pensons qu'il est utile si vous savez ce que nous avons connu ici:
changeovers in manufacture at the time between models mainly different crankshafts or different ignitions (ignition manufacturer having gone bust).
question at the time: who was stronger manufacturer of bike or manufactuirer of ignition. The weaker one had to modify.
equally some manufacturer in crisis just used whatever material they had on the day.
different national versions of motorcycle
very often at least different trade names,
but equally differences to accomodate nationally different regulations (output restrictions) and importer wishes
customer mistaking type of motorcycle more frequent that you thing.
sometimes even data in road papers (including year of make) are wrong. We have seen funny cases.
off roads and no end here scope for mistake is biggest!
nearly 50% of data on bikes supplied to us for identification are wrong or worthless - a KTM 125 e.g. may be anything.
one can not rely on year of make as this sometimes is only year of registration (opr re-registration for road use)
people using the bike for competion sometimes hide real type or modifications made. some say they never got papers with the bike.
modifications in motorcycle since manufacture big problem as mostly impossible to know:
# different cranks fitted
# parts modified to fit 3rd party material
# repaired cranks
customer having fitted different make of engine, but orders as per make of frame for ignition system make of frame is totally irrelevant, it is engine that matters.
still happens quite often 


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