Powerdynamo bringt Ihrem Oldtimer Motorrad
wieder Zündung und Licht



Technische Hilfe



System 73 61 999 277
and 73 61 999 270
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Replacement System Alternator / electronic ignition, suitable for Yamaha XS650   
with modified to 277 or 270 degrees wave

This is a special system!!

Magnet based generator with integrated, speed-dependent, fully electronic ignition. Light output 12V/150W DC. Solid state ignition with own power supply from within the system. Replaced all ignition and alternator parts. Technically, you can shut down the system completely without a battery. Please read our related information. For installing any mechanical changes to the engine housing are needed (possibly create some space for the lower sensor)

Please note!
  • The system does not support the function of the safety switch (to prevent the starting of the engine is running)!
  • A possibly existing original electronic tachometer does not work with the system, unless this was controlled by the breaker. If that was so, keep the breaker for the DZM easy.
  • The original alternator delivers 232W at 5000 rpm. Them consume 42W rotor and controller, as well as the ignition system 52W. There remain, therefore 138W light output. The new system, however PowerDynamo delivers 150W light output.
  • The system is geared to a crankshaft with 277 or 270 degree offset, but still no tuning system to increase performance.
    The advance units contain the standard XS650 characteristics. The material has been made to fit the XS650 with the 277° or 270° crank, but there has not been any special adaptation to the modified engine characteristics. We know for sure that the system works in XS 277° or 270°, but we do not know whether optimal results are reached with it.